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Diamond Tip Finish Stock

 Here you will find a new collection of works available for online purchase. All items are Italian made with the utmost care and structural integrity.

These Italian hand made diamond tipped finish Rings come in four different flavours and sizes. The sizes are as follows:

1. K 1/2 (aka '5 1/2' aka '11 1/2' aka '51 1/2')

2. M 1/2 (aka '6 1/2' aka '54' aka '14') 

3. O (aka '7 1/4' aka '56' aka '16')

4. P 1/2 (aka '8' aka '57 1/2' aka '17 1/2')

All Rings $30 each (+ $10 postage)

18ct black gold plated silver band

18ct yellow gold plated silver band

Rose gold plated silver band

18ct white gold plated silver band

The following diamond tip finish hoops come in three different sizes and two different flavors.

The following are 18ct white gold plated silver hoops.

Small (24mm) $40

Medium (36mm) $55

Large (65mm) $112

The following are 18ct yellow gold plated hoops with a diamond tipped finish.

Medium (36mm) $75

Large (65mm) $130